Rocket League API

Create powerful apps for Rocket League easily! Track stats, capture gameplay and (much) more using only basic HTML and JavaScript

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What can you do with the Rocket League API?

The Rocket League API by Overwolf lets you build a native desktop app that can track and use game events in real time. With the Rocket League API you have endless creative freedom to build powerful and rich gaming experiences within Rocket League.

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An API for kills, deaths and everything interesting

Use Rocket League’s real-time Javascript APIs to track game events such as kills, deaths, roster, match outcome and more in real time.

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Make your apps PC native
with great ease

Create apps that behave like native Windows apps, with custom desktop icons, a branded installer and auto updates. The api even takes care of file hosting, CDN, anti-cheat compatibility and more.

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Get rewarded for your affort and hard work

Integrate subscriptions or ads into your app and profit from its success. Top creators on Overwolf are making over $1,000,000 a year.

What are you waiting for?!

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